John the Baptist's cave 'found'.


A British archaeologist says he has found a cave used by the New
Testament figure John the Baptist.
Shimon Gibson spent five years
excavating the site near
Jerusalem; unearthing objects apparently
used in ancient purification rituals. Images carved on the walls

include that of a man with wild hair and carrying a staff, said to

be reminiscent of John, whom the Bible says baptized Jesus.


Steven Shelley standing with hand on the stone with a carved
out place for a foot (size 11), it is believed that this was used in the
anointing of the right foot of the penitent or initiate with
the holy oil of Moses in Exodus 30: 22-25.


Close up of anointing stone taken by another tourist.


Another close up of the anointing stone from another perspective
Monday, 16 August, 2004, 22:31 GMT 23:31 UK


View inside the cave where loads of mud and over
250,000 pieces of broken pottery that held the holy
anointing oil of Moses were dug out and removed.



Details of the face of John, His arms are stretched
upward; the staff in His right hand has a cross on the top.



Three crosses, with a dove coming down over one of the crosses,
to the right a staff connected to Hermes, the messenger of the
gods, this would be used to draw the connection with John

as a messenger who would go before the Messiah.


The way leading out from the cave of John the Baptist.


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